Buchanan Clan
Smurf Village
Member's Photo Nickname Profile History
Astro Smurf
Dislikes windowless work environments
Crayola Smurf
Crayola smurf was discovered by Astrosmurf, and keeps this smurf company.  Astro and Crayola are like peaches and cream.
"N" Smurf
N smurf likes oatmeal and waffles. Loves read books in his spare time outside of admiring anything with a wheel on it.
Rose Smurf
KLM airlines redirected Rose smurf to the North Pole.  He could only get transportation via bird air, and she arrived home in time for the holidays..
Tres Smurf
Tres Smurf arrived in a stormy and cloudy day.
asofsm01.gif Oil Smurf
Oil Smurf was a potatoe farmer that struck oil and bought a box of bugs
Cinnamon Smurf
Cinnamon Smurf lives in a far away land of Munch and drew the fancy of Oil Smurf
Esse Smurf
Esse Smurf lives along the beach
Packrat Smurfette
Becomes crazed packrat after being brainwashed by aggie help group
 Desert Smurf
Uses long hair to protect herself from the dust storms
Snow Smurf
Discovered the joys of throwing herself down the hill at trees.  Enjoys snow, traveling and currently visiting Russian and Latvian smurfs
Alien Smurf
Smurf of unknown origin, claims to be in the Buchanan smurf blood line
King Smurf
Ruler over all the lands of Sinclair, King Smurf traded half his heart in exchange for all rights and title to alien smurf
H Smurf
Alien's offspring is a wild hearty smurf that loves to travel around smurf country. Has to be closely watched by Alien smurf , rumor has it he plans to migrate with a pack of rabbits up north to another colder forest. 
Z'smurf was found in the north county west of Utatlan.
QB Smurf
QB Smurf was traded for a free lifetime health insurance policy from USAA.
Aggie Smurf
Develops a phobia when leaving the water for great lengths of time
asofsm02.gif Smurfette #5
This smurf was invented and built by handy bedions of the desert.  From time to time she leave the smurf psyche but comes back to reality regularly
Crackhead Smurf Crew
asofsm01.gif Indian Smurf
Enjoying his penthouse pad in style
Dancer Smurf
Living life to the fullest
asofsm01.gif Debater Smurf
Wandering the world looking for the perfect debating partner
asofsm10.gif Rock Smurf
Hell bent on destroying anything destructable
asofsm01.gif Politician Smurf
Will graduate from school after finishing three majors
 Money Smurf
Spends three hours a day driving just to enjoy the tortures of work to support her kid 
Foriegn Smurf
Is facinated with the wheel and just can't quite figure out whether to mow everything flat or pave it with smooth edges
Watch Smurf
Spends all day loosing time while dreaming of finding the perfect watch to show perfect time.
King Smurf
Relaxes under the glow of his portfolio