When 14 year old pop stars can write their autobiography why can't I, I promise, after reading all this, you'll feel that you've gained a brief glimpse into my mind.


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Interests:  Arabic architecture, computers (virtual reality, computer animation, AI networking), nature (camping, white water rafting, hiking and canoeing), surreal art, music (alternative rock, electronica, big band, ska), sitting around admiring the glowing stars on the wall with a room full of friends... Friends are the most important things in my life. Being able to relax after a hard day and enjoy some good company with someone who is able to enjoy the moments, and not get distracted by the little things in life.
Hobbies: drawing, playing the piano, listening to music, rock climbing, fencing, snorkeling/ scuba diving, soccer, swimming, cycling, repelling, etreme sports, whie water rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving, camping, smurf collecting, antiquing, and renovating my duplex seems to take priority over many of my more entertaining hobbies at the moment... 
Movies I find myself rewatching: Tron, Krull, Usual Suspects, Aliens, Trainspotting, Gremlins, Shallow Grave, Pulp Fiction, Blade Runner, Blade, Fight Club, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Hackers, Sneakers, Swordfish, Memento... 
Outlook on Life: I am a Gemini, my favorite season is summer, and I love bouncing back from a bad day by sleeping in past dawn. My pace of life is always hectic .  I would love to be able to restore a castle overlooking the English countryside, or build one of my own one day..  If I was given a million dollars, I would invest in acres of land in Belize.
Favourite Cartoon shows: Snorks, Smurfs, Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, Aeon Flux
Favorite TV shows: Robot Warz, Dr. Who, Quantum Leap, Trading Spaces... 
Favourite music: My first album was Metallica which I played so much the label wore off the top of the cd, Type O Negative, Tristania, Depeche Mode, Venga Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, I love almost any music with heavy vocals from singers mixed with good guitars and drums. 
Nicks: Spaceboy, Rob Feature, Rob-B, Double-B
Personal Heroes: Peter Steele, Bill Gates, McGuiver, Mr. Byte - nothing like just having to say yes or no to solve all your problems
Philosophy of my Philosophy: 

Live Forever or Die Trying!!
© Robb Buchanan 1993

History: I have been leaving footprints on the web since 1998.  My website has gone through many reincarnations. This site I set up here is mostly concerned with fantasy, because that's the subject that most fascinates me. I've never thought much about reality. Fantasy is so much more interesting! But without reality there wouldn't be any fantasy... 
       I was born in Bryan, Brazos, Texas on the 19th of June 1976 at 3:08am. But I have lived the greater part of my life in Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates (in the Middle East). I studied in Jumeriah American School (JAS) now called the American School of Dubai. I studied Computer Science and Photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin with a equal helping of classes at Austin Community College.  I have taken over 180 hours of coursework, yet somehow the actual degree is still a few hours away.  I work full-time at a real estate investment company called Capital Commercial Investments, where I hold the title C.I.O. and Internet Director.  In my spare time I started up a company called Chimeras, which offers website development, design, and consulting services.
          In 1978 my sister Heather sprung up from the oil field of Oklahoma.  I thought she was a monster at first and proceed to defend myself by bighting her on the foot.  She still caries my branding marks to this day.   In 1980 my sister Heidi emerged from the swamps of Louisiana. Also in Louisiana in 1982 my sister Paige arrived in a fed-ex box with a label to follow instruction for brown hair. It seems the instructions to dye her hair brown were lost in shipping, she ended up with blond hair. Finally in 1983 the crawfish tales became true and my sister Tia crawled out of a local anthill. In 1985 Jenna was traded for a handful of Twinkies by a local arab in the United Arab Emirates. We quickly reformated her brain and the only memories of her previous life are scattered around in photo albums. 
          I was baptised as a child in the Persian Gulf on the sea shores of the United Arab Emirates. I am an elder for my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I have a small tattoo on my hand of the finnish letters "ctr", matching a ctr ring I used to wear.
           I spent a couple years in Ahwatukee, Arizona, which was cool because it helped me see that the rest of the world is NOT like Arizona. Old Skelton bones, old people and a cool dry heat are not my ideal visions of the Oasis in the desert.  Maybe when I'm looking for a place to retire this would fit.... no I think I hear the ocean crashing on my beachfront property in Amberguise Caye in Belize calling my name. I prefer the cool dry heat of Dubai, with the arabic architechure and retail trading souqs.  I attended Pueblo Junior Highschool. For lunch I endured chicken fried steak, while watching the females attack each other with nail files.  (What's the deal with that anyway.  Is the chicken patty not processed enough?  Do we really need to hack the chicken into smaller bits and then stick them together in chicken wads?  Don't get me wrong, I love a battered steak, but even so...)
          The good things about arizona let me think; the air is one of the cleanest in the nation. I can still buy an acre of dirt for $100, which is comparable to tropical rain forest land in Belize. After swimming across the colorado river to Nevada that same acrea of dirt is $1000 because Las Vegas is down the road. I can legally buy fireworks year-round by driving to the many native american reservations nearby. I can also donate my money to education by gamlbing on the many reservations.
          I discovered the joys of owning a house and investment property all at the same time.  My first investment property a duplex house seemed to absorb whatever work and money I threw at it to improve it.  This first project entailed renovating a house from 2767 square feet to over 4100 square feet.  The renovation process started October 2001 and finished in March 2003, costing me almost $80 PSF to complete the renovation completely. Live moves on to other projects, and at least you can look back at your efforts with a result at the end of the day.
               Drawing has always been part of my life. But I only realized how important it was to me in 1993. That's when I started drawing a lot, and now I draw whenever I feel inspired to or can find the time, which lately comes after midnight. I've never been exactly cool, nor do I aspire to be.  I define myself not by the clothes I wear, nor by the toys I own.   What I define myself by is my own thoughts. College life chipped away at my optimism about the world, but at the same time, has shown me that if I scream loudly enough, someone might listen. I started reading fantasy at an early age, I think it is just a natural step from reading to drawing or at least wanting to draw. Lord of the Rings coupled with the Smurfs set the foundations for me.
            Along came some kisses in the wind, and I followed the trail and ended my life of solitude by getting married in February 2003.  Seems that you can't just change one thing in life though, so many things are also changing at the same time. I had many adventures on my homeymoon vacation in Amberguise Caye, Belize.  With memories of Belize still fresh in my mind on October 28, 2003 my first born son Noah Pierce Buchanan was born.
            After moving in 2003, 2004, and 2005 I've settled down into the little city of Sunset Valley in Travis County.  Anticipating the birth of my daughter Maya at the end of April, 2006.
                   I have always been interested in computers, too. The pictures I put up in this gallery were created using various computer systems over the last few years. Some of the software I use includes Photoshop, Ricoh Photostudio and Fractal Design Painter, Flash, and Dreamweaver MX suite to name a few.  But I still keep faithfull to pencil and paper!