Robb Buchanan
4604 Stearns Lane
Sunset Valley, Texas 78735
I have always had an interest in computers and animation technology, and will always try to embraces the latest technology.  Networking has been a focus of my skills, whether technical or people and I have a gained a respect and value of the importance of interpersonal skills within these areas.  I am a strong proponent for technology that takes into consideration the user.  I desire to help build the systems of tomorrow's workplace where everyone can utilize technology without understanding the inner workings.  I enjoy taking on challenges, am deadline oriented, and work well under stress.

Licensed Texas Realtor (Over 10 years of Real Estate experience)
C.C.I.M. Candidate Since 2004
Texas Public Notary (Expires 01-25-2009)
Red Cross Certified Lifeguard and First Aid

Hardware Experience: Macintosh hardware config, IBM PC-AT and ATX style hardware configuration.
Software Experience: DOS 2.11+, WIN 3.0+, WIN 95, WIN 98, WIN ME, 

Macintosh System 6.08 - 8.5, BeOS 4.0 – 4.5 (Genki), WIN NT 4.0 (SP1-SP5) Workstation, WIN 2000 (Pro&Server)
WIN XP (Pro), Novel Client32 2.20 - 3.1(1.0) for WIN9X and 4.X - 5.x for the Mac
Adobe - PhotoShop, Illustrator, Freehand, Acrobat, Pagemaker;
Macromedia - Flash, Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver UtlraDev; 
Microsoft - Office97, Office 98, Office 2000, Office XP;
AutoCADD - 11,12,13,14


Sunset Valley City Council Member '06-'08, Planning & Environmental Committee
Scout Chairman, B.S.A. Troop 500
SIGGRAPH 1991,1992,1994,1996,1997,1998, 2000, 2002
Victor Morales for Senate Campaign '96 Website
Boot Newt Campaign '96 Website
A.C.M., Univ. of Texas Chapter - SIGGRAPH

Honors -Boy Scouts of America: Eagle Scout, Class of 1990.   Gold Eagle Palm and Order of the Arrow
-Who's Who of Information Technology 1999, 2001
Education University of Texas at Austin, B.S. studies in Computer Science & Photojournalism
Austin Community College
Cy-Fair High School, Class of 1994
American School of Dubai (Formerly Jumeriah American School)
Capital Commercial Investments, Inc.  - Austin, TX               (Jan 1998 - Present)
Description: CIO & Director of Marketing & Information Systems       Hours/Week: 35-50
President: Doug Agarwal 
300 West 6th Street,  Suite 1750,  Austin, TX 78701
Director of Marketing & Information Systems
Helped transform CCI into a firm able to successfully compete in the digital era. Responsible for the management of information systems, and oversees marketing, investor relations, and corporate communications. With in-depth knowledge of Internet-based applications and technology, I have developed the digital content and creative design for CCI’s interactive and Internet media. I have a proven track record in diverse areas of information technology management including the Internet, e-commerce, strategic IT planning, IT managements, and implementation of complex systems. Work with CCI web team to brainstorm future web endeavors. Manage and complete projects including: general hardware/software troubleshooting of both network components and end user machines, network client software upgrades, end user network patch-downs, complete system upgrades of hardware and software, installation of new hardware/software, switch and hub configuration and management.

Chimeras Group, LLC - Austin, TX                            (Aug 2001 - Present)
Description: President & Founder                                   Hours/Week: 15-20
Partner: Erin Buchanan
  Responsibilities: General Contractor
This company renovates a wide variety of general construction projects involving planning, design and/or construction services. Have over 5 years estimating experience as a general contractor and construction management. Experience with both hard-bid and negotiated projects.

Cummings-Baccus Interest, Inc. - Austin, TX                            (Oct 1999 - Aug 2000)
Description: Internet/Intranet Administrator                                  Hours/Week: 20-30
Partner: Dan Cooper 
3305 Northland Drive,  Suite #301,  Austin, TX 78731
  Responsibilities: Internet/Intranet Coordinator
Upgraded in-house LAN and individuals computers to Y2K compliant software and hardware. Upgraded LAN to dedicated Internet connection. Phased in corporate use of email, database contact management, and PDA's. Retired outdated Intertel phone system and upgraded to Toshiba phone system with voice mail and phoneset computer interface.  Controlled digital content development and design for in-house and Internet communications at Cummings-Baccus. Maintained the overall Internet presence and structure for Cummings-Baccus through interaction with the CBI team.   Manage and administrated the CBI local area network. 

Siggraph '97 Volunteer - Los Angeles, CA                    (Sept 1997)
Provided event computer tech support and assisted in setup and maintenance of 20 terabyte server for Siggraph TV. Siggraph TV assistance during Internet web streaming of Siggraph event footage.

Modular Production Equipment, Inc. (NATCO Group)- Houston, TX                     (May 1996 - April 1997)
Description: CADD draftsman & Network Administrator                      Hours/Week: 30-60
10430 Rodgers Road  Houston, TX 77070
CADD Draftsman
Assisted in design work of P&ID layouts, platform design, and 3D skid layouts for MPE's line of water treatment systems including deoiling hydrocyclones, desanders, gas sparging systems, coalescing devices, and water injection packages.
Network Admin
Maintained 30 user Novell intranet. Installation of Internet LAN connection and gateway. Phased in corporate use of email and in-house database for remote access use from France. Upgraded drafting group to use workstations in design system involving current operating systems, CADD design software, wacum tablets, plotters and tied into central drawing archive. 

TKE Engineering & Design - Houston, TX                                     (Dec 1994 - April 1995)
Description: CADD draftsman & Platform designer                            Hours/Week: 60-72 
Owner: Kathi Elliot 
7171 Highway 6 N Suite 290  Houston, TX 77095
Assisted in design work on land gas processing skids. Designed skid platform layouts.

Bray Valve & Controls (Bray Controls) - Houston, TX                 (Sept 1993 - June 1994)
Description: CADD & Computer Catalogue Editor                                            Hours/Week: 15-20
13333 Westland East Blvd   Houston, TX 77041 
Aided development of in-house marketing brochures and product ID cards. 

Onsite Computer Repair - Houston, TX                                          (Jan 1993 - Dec 1993)
Description: Bench Tech Support                                                      Hours/Week: 15-25
Provided Apple Macintosh hardware and technical support.  Worked on preventative maintenance issues of LAN’s for local Houston businesses, including repair of printers, monitors, general hardware issues, and software support.

Viewpoint (Viewpoint Datalabs) – Houston, TX                             (Feb 1991 – Nov 1991)
 Description: Animation Intern                                                                           Hours/Week: 15-25
Personal assistant to Owner.  Learned animation process from physical model to digital model.  Basic software understanding for ray tracing, NURBS. and object scanning.

Other brief employements include:

  • Toucan Management - Lifeguard.
  • Southwest Concert Security / Southwest Event Staff (SWES)
  • Camp Geronimo - Grand Canyon Council B.S.A. - Payson, AZ 
  • teleNetwork - ISP technical support and helpdesk services.
  • Pizza Hut - Deliver Driver.
  • CiCi's Pizza - Assistant Manager.
  • Windows Plus - Vinyl Window Laminator and Framing.
  • University of Texas Microcenter - Computer Tech Support. 

    • Committee to Boot Newt and the Gang of 73 '96 Campaign
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    • Victor Morales '96 Campaign